Vista Inflatable Kayak


Each Includes

  • 14’ Vista inflatable kayak
  • 2 adjustable nylon seats
  • 4 Hard rubber rudders per each lightweight kayak
  • Lightweight inflatable kayak carry bag
  • 1 Inflatable kayak repair kit

Vista Inflatable Kayak Description

The 14’ Conquest Adventure Gear vista inflatable kayak is a lightweight kayak that is much quicker and sleeker in comparison to its little brother, the 11’ dyad inflatable kayak. The Vista weighs only 42 lbs. making it a lightweight kayak that is well suited for ocean and lake kayaking. Regardless of destination, this extremely lightweight kayak has been designed to serve as an inflatable kayak that offers more speed while retaining stability. The Vista is 14’ long with an 18” wide cockpit at its widest spot and accommodates two awesome 18” X 14” clear bottom viewing panels. Similar to those found on our dyad inflatable kayak, this lightweight kayak houses these transparent panels for viewing pleasure.

The yellow material of the outer shell of our inflatable kayak is made of durable, high tenacity, incredibly strong military #1200 denier Tarpaulin. The fact that this remains a lightweight kayak without compromising the strength is a great feat. The 4 inner bladders are constructed of 20-gauge PVC material for durable wear and robust inflation of each lightweight kayak, yielding an inflatable kayak that will hold up to the elements. Inflation of this lightweight kayak is a breeze, as is the dyad inflatable kayak. There are four points of inflation; one on each of the (2) removable seats bladders and one for each of the (2) outside air bladders port and starboard of the lightweight kayak.

The bow & stern have nylon covers to protect and store your gear, along with four carry handles for easy transportation of the already lightweight kayak. Each lightweight kayak also boasts an aft covered storage area, as well as one on the stern of the inflatable kayak. The combination of the carry handles with the low 42 lb. weight make this an extremely mobile lightweight kayak both in an out of the water. Whether you are tossing our inflatable kayak in the mesh bag or navigating open waters, it is effortless.

We realize the frustrations associated with inflating, deflating, and storing inflatable kayaks. So, we developed four quick-inflate “boston values” for this inflatable kayak. Utilizing this feature, the lightweight kayak can be inflated rather quickly, saving time to be spent out on the water. Included are two nylon adjustable seats with metal fasteners that compliment the lightweight kayak’s overall build quality. Our 4 piece paddles, offered in fiberglass or aluminum are sold separately, as a great addition to this lightweight kayak. These collapse to be stored just as simply as the lightweight kayak itself.


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