Enquiries & Contact Information

Conquest Adventure Gear is located at:

                  923 Laguna Street,
                  suite f, Santa Barbara,
                  Calif. 93101,
                  Phone 1-805-899-4710 (PST)
                  Fax 805-899-4710

If you call and get voice mail we are probably out paddling and testing our products. URGENT CALLS ONLY 1-805-570-9550

Below is a listing of our support staff, best method for general inquiries is email.

Please be specific as possible and be sure to include your phone number and best time for us to return your inquiry.

1. Customer Support, Jaymi Mantz solutinsforsports@gmail.com

2. Sales/Marketing, Bob Schwartz h20terrapin@gmail.com

3. Web Design, Ben White, bwhite93101@gmail.com

4. Insurance Certificates, Laura Siegel, LSiegel@bbofcal.com

5. General Counsel, Pat Morris, epmlaw@yahoo.com

6. Trade Shows, Promotional, Jody Stern, jodytravel@cox.net

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