FAQ inflatable kayaks

Q: How does the performance of your inflatable kayaks compare to that of a hard-shell kayak?

A: That question definitely depends on what type of performance you are looking for, but Conquest Adventure Gear’s inflatable kayaks have been tested and proven to be extremely capable in comparison to hard-shell kayaks. Due to the impeccable build quality of our inflatable kayaks, they feel not only sturdy, but also agile in ocean waters and perform effortlessly on calmer waters. The dyad inflatable kayaks are no stranger to the ocean and offer a great amount of control and speed, building momentum quite easily and changing direction with rather minimal effort. It’s safe to say users have shared moments of forgetting they were on an inflatable kayaks. Nobody will try and convince you that an inflatable kayak is better in terms of performing for speed and stability, however we stand by the assertion that our inflatable kayaks are very comparable when it comes to performance when set alongside a hard-shelled kayak. Plus, when it comes to transporting your kayak before and after the adventure, as well as storing the inflatable kayak, our kayaks outshine in performance over a hard-shell every time. There’s really no competing with an inflatable kayak that can fold up into a mesh bag that can fit on your back, your weekend roadster, even under the seat of your plane seat on the way to your next destination. The energy you save without going through hassle of transporting a bulky hard-shell kayak will pay dividends when it comes to the ultimate source of performance. Yourself!

Q: I am contemplating purchasing an inflatable raft or an inflatable kayak. Any advice to help my decision-making would be greatly appreciated.

A: While inflatable rafts can offer an afternoon of fun, it must be noted that inflatable kayaks can offer numerous benefits that are simply not found in an inflatable raft. First, inflatable kayaks have the obvious advantage of holding a far greater capacity. There is a safe place in our inflatable kayaks located on the ends of the boat where users can secure a bag under tight bungee-like straps, making it perfect for bringing along a lunch, waterproof camera, or anything else you may need. Secondly, inflatable kayaks offer much more stability and comfort than their inflatable raft counterparts. There is never fear of sinking, and in the majority of waters, excluding very harsh currents, Conquest Adventure Gear kayaks will leave you feeling glued to the seat without fear of losing your balance. Simply put, inflatable kayaks offer users much more versatility and comfort while being able to handle a larger range of water types.

Q: I currently own a hard-shell kayak, why would I want to make the change to inflatable kayaks?

A: For starters, at Conquest Adventure Gear, our inflatable kayaks are perfectly dexterous, easily adaptable for a number of scenarios for an adventurous or casual lifestyle. Whether you are looking for an inflatable kayak that can withstand ocean adventures, or simply want a cruiser for calmer waters, Conquest inflatable kayaks will exceed your needs. Although inflatable kayaks may have previously had the reputation for lacking the sturdiness of a hard-shell kayak, our inflatable kayaks are up to par, if not better, in terms of longevity, using long-lasting nylon material to create a product that withstands the elements. Without sacrificing the sternness of a hard-shell, you will have the added addition of the portability and maneuverability that accompanies our inflatable kayaks. And best of all, our inflatable kayaks will offer you more fun for your money than you would get in a pricier hard-shell kayak. With a strong foundation paddling around a hard-shell kayak, our inflatable kayaks will be extremely easy to use, making you question why you ever began with a hard-shell.

Q: I have been kayaking for quite sometime, but I have recently decided to give inflatable kayaks a try instead of my usual hard-shell type. What separates Conquest Adventure Gear inflatable kayaks from the others available on the market?

A: Great question. At Conquest Adventure Gear we strive to build products that you will not only take on your next adventure, but also your adventure after that, and so forth. In order to accomplish our goal we must produce an inflatable kayak that will stand the test of time. To do so, we have built our inflatable kayak’s 4 bladders using 20-gauge PVC, covered by an 860 D rugged nylon shell that is resistant to punctures or tears. Added to this are numerous rings for latching on gear to the sides of the inflatable kayaks, and a storage place at the front to secure a bag or such under bungee-like ties. The 38” beam provides the inflatable kayak with the greatest amount of buoyancy for easy rides and stable paddling platform. Four PVC keels also provide improved tracking for the efficient travel over water, and two nylon seats can be configured to paddle the inflatable kayak solo by reversing forward seat to face aft for efficient balance and paddling. However, as you may already know, Conquest Adventure Gear inflatable kayaks come with a perk that most others cannot claim, that being a clear bottom. The hull houses two sturdy 40-gauge PVC viewing panels allowing the user to view the underwater features and sea life. What other inflatable kayaks can offer such a great experience. Not to mention, our dual action pump gets the inflatable kayak ready to go in just a short amount of time, saving you energy for where you really want it. In the water! As you can see, our inflatable kayaks have been engineered with the customer in mind and we have gone to great lengths to ensure our customers will love the time they spend out on the open waters.

Q: What is the best quality of Conquest Adventure Gear inflatable kayaks?

A: This is a tough question to answer because our inflatable kayaks are truly all around performers. From the detailed build quality to the unique clear bottom design to the agility and comfort of the ride, it makes it very difficult to pin point one feature that trumps the rest. If we had to choose, our inflatable kayaks greatest attribute would be its portability. After all, our motto is “ take us on your next adventure!” The beauty of our inflatable kayaks is that our customers can genuinely take our inflatable kayaks anywhere they have room for a backpack sized mesh bag. Whether it’s down to the local beach on a bicycle or on a plane ride across world, our inflatable kayaks can be right there with you. With collapsible paddles and a dual action pump small enough to fit in the same bag there aren’t many situation where you would have to leave the inflatable kayak behind. Storing the inflatable kayak is also a breeze, making it ideal for individuals with minimal extra space in their homes, garage or even dorm room. If you have room for a large backpack, then there’s room for your inflatable kayak.
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